Hello and welcome! I’m Emma, a chef, news junkie, relapsing Diet Coke addict, and lover of all things food. I’m the one doing the cooking, writing, and photography here at My Daily Morsel.

I recently graduated from The International Culinary Center and, in addition to job hunting, I am eating my way through New York City!

I watch way too much television. Some of my favorite shows include The Walking Dead, The Mindy Project, and Sherlock. And we can’t forget some of the oldies but goodies – Will & Grace, Gilmore Girls, and The O.C. in particular.

Speaking of TV, I love the news. Being twenty-three years old, I probably shouldn’t be able to name every anchor and stand-in anchor on CNN, but so is my life. I have a major crush on Jake Tapper, I want to be Wolf Blitzer’s best friend, I envy Erin Burnett’s hair, and I want to be Anderson Copper’s personal chef.