20 Ways to Get the Most Out of a Small Kitchen

Bigger doesn’t always mean better– at least, not when it comes to kitchens. If you know how to work with what you’ve got, you can turn even the tiniest kitchen into a seriously stylish space. Read on to discover 20 brilliant design tips for small kitchens.

20. Clear out your clutter

If space is limited, it’s a good idea to keep clutter to a minimum. If you make an effort to stay organized, you’ll feel like you have much more elbow room when cooking.

19. The cabinets don’t have to match

This small yet stylish kitchen looks streamlined even though the cabinets don’t match. The variety here works because it doesn’t distract from the overall style.

18. Appropriately sized furniture is a must

Overly tiny furniture is awkward. With a small kitchen / living room space like this, the key is to choose the largest pieces of furniture you can comfortably blend into your environment.

17. Use lots of white paint to make small spaces feel larger

This modern kitchen would feel downright claustrophobic if it were any other color. In white, however, this space looks very roomy.

16. It’s okay to be creative with shelves

This is a very small kitchen space that actually looks quite cozy, thanks to the natural materials and the creative use of shelving here.

15. If it’s a viable option, knock down a wall to create more space

This traditional New England kitchen was totally cramped before the wall separating the dining room from the kitchen was removed.

14. Replace stock knobs and handles with custom hardware

If you don’t have much money to spend on renovating your kitchen, you can always focus on the small stuff. Replacing the hardware is a cheap and easy way to update the look of your kitchen. Minimizing knobs and handles will make your kitchen look bigger.

13. Squeeze in an island

If you don’t have much counter space to work with, an island can be a lifesaver. The designer of this kitchen did a pretty good job of squeezing a small island into a tiny area. The minimum recommended size for an island is 40 inches by 40 inches.

12. Extend the countertop

What a creative use of space! This elongated counter top doubles as a mini eating area. A smart solution for those who don’t have enough kitchen space for a dinner table.

11. Be open to open shelving

Not everyone likes open shelving. Some people say that open shelving makes a space look crowded. On the other hand, other people think that open shelving is a nice alternative to bulky cabinets. If you’re short on space, why not experiment a bit with open shelving and see if it works for you?

10. Downsize your appliances

Do you really need that massive, old, out-of-date oven? If a smaller sized one will do, it may be worth it to make a change.

9. Mount your microwave over the stove

Microwaves can be quite bulky. Mounting your microwave above your stove can free up lots of kitchen real estate.

8. Use all your vertical shelf space

Notice how the shelves in this kitchen go right up to the top of the ceiling. In addition to looking nice, the shelves also serve a useful storage function. That’s just smart design– and another good example of tasteful open shelving.

7. Remove the door

Most kitchen doors serve no practical purpose. If you have a kitchen door and you’re short on space, why not just get rid of it?

6. Build your cabinets all the way up to the ceiling

Not only do cabinets that go all the way up look better, they also hold more stuff. When you’re dealing with a small space, take every inch of storage space you can get.

5. Slim down your furnishings

If you’re working with a small space, look for compact chairs, stools and tables to add to your kitchen. The minimalistic island in this kitchen was an excellent choice. Another smart thing the owner of this kitchen did was hang pots and pans on hooks instead of storing them away in cabinets.

4. Add mirrors

If you have a tiny kitchen, consider adding a mirror. This New Orleans style kitchen looks much bigger and more illuminated with the mirror next to the window.

3. Tile a small area of your wall

A tiled wall can help add definition to your kitchen space if you have a wall kitchen. If you don’t have the money to tile the entire wall, just do a small section.

2. Build an appliance closet

Everyone wants to show off, but at some point your kitchen appliance collection will begin to look a bit cluttered. If you are a kitchen gadget geek, you may want to invest in a small appliance closet.

1. Add a banquette

Banquettes can look great in small kitchen spaces. This banquette seats in this kitchen make it look like a cozy little restaurant.

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